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Electronic Funds Transfer Form (25KB)

This form authorizes CFNRV to instruct your financial institution to make donations from the account of your choice.

Non Binding Request Form for Donor Advised Funds (71KB)

The form is for Donor Advised Fund holders interested in making a grant recommendation, either outside of or as part of the competitive grant progress.

Online Donor Portal Information and User Guidelines

This document provides information and guidelines for CFNRV endowed fund holders wishing to access information about their fund(s) via the online donor portal.

Online Donor Portal Opt-In Form

Endowed fund holders should complete this form and the Online Donor Portal Information and User Guidelines to begin accessing fund information via the donor portal.

Sample Bequest Language (121 KB)

This document provides some sample language for donors interested in leaving a portion of their estate to CFNRV in their Will or Trust.

Sample Fund Agreement (31KB)

A sample Donor Advised Fund Agreement. If you would like to see other example fund agreements, please let us know.

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