Mobilize NRV

Building partnerships between community & higher education

Mobilize NRV is an initiative that studies relationships between higher education institutions and community-based partners in the New River Valley. Through this initiative, our goal is to better understand what is working well with these relationships, what barriers are in place, how these relationships are benefitting the community, and what can be done to strengthen these connections.

On this page, we share resources for both faculty members and community-based partners in hopes of creating connections and projects that benefit everyone.


If you are interested in developing a partnership with a faculty member at one of our regional institutions, please reach out to the following contacts:

Types of Projects to Consider

There are many ways for higher education institutions and community-based partners to work together, from introduction-level projects to projects that integrate students into community. Below are examples of different types of projects that are offered at NRCC, RU, and VT, broken out by different levels of engagement.

Level 1: Introduction/Exposure

This level encompasses volunteerism and describes participation, awareness, and/or learning about leadership. Activities and courses at this level would be introductory in nature and/or with one-time actions.

Level 2: Development

This level encompasses community-based learning (service learning) and includes contributing to change, motivating others, and engaging in civil discourse. Activities and courses at this level include prescribed and/or directed project-based or simulation-based activities with less student autonomy.

Level 3: Integration

This level encompasses deeper community engagement and includes initiating and mobilizing efforts and/or producing scholarship. Activities and courses at this level include more independent, project-based or simulation-based activities requiring leadership or collaboration.

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