NRV Livability Initiative

The NRV Livability Initiative

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The NRV Livability Initiative (NRVLI) began with a three-year regional planning process to help citizens build a collective vision for our future in areas such as housing, transportation, agriculture and food systems, land use, energy, cultural heritage and more.

Funded by a $1,000,000 grant from the Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities, the three-year process included widespread public outreach to gather feedback across a variety of viewpoints on what makes the NRV a great place to live, work and play now and in the future. NRVLI completed it final report in March 2014 with 18 overarching goals that incorporate the needs and desires of our citizens.

Already, millions of dollars private investment has come to the region through projects associated with the NRVLI goals.

The Community Foundation partnered with numerous other local governments, nonprofits, and educational institutions and regional organizations to provide guidance to the overall development of the plans between 2010 and 2013.

The Community Foundation continues to partner with the NRV Regional Commission to support the initiative. Our two organizations now work together with governments, business, individuals, and nonprofits to implement the ideas in the Livability report. For more information, contact the Community Foundation at

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