Latest Edition of the NRV Food Assistance Directory Now Available

Cover of the Spring 2024 NRV Food Assistance Directory

Cover of the spring 2024 edition of the NRV Food Assistance Directory.

NRV Thrive, a CFNRV initiative, works across our region alongside organizations and community members across the New River Valley (NRV) to collectively increase access to affordable, nutritious food through shared learning, informed advocacy, and responsive strategic action. One of our biggest projects is the NRV Food Assistance Directory, which we publish annually. In June, the latest edition became available online and in print.

What’s in the Directory?

We hope that community members seeking food assistance find it to be a useful resource to get connected to the assistance they need. This directory contains the details of 57 food assistance programs in the New River Valley based in the counties of Floyd (9 programs), Giles (10), Montgomery (21), and Pulaski (9) as well as the city of Radford (8). New this year, we added details on four programs that solely give out pet food.

The directory is organized alphabetically with section for each county as well as the city of Radford. We list several details for each program, including whether the program has more than one food assistance initiative. If a programā€™s listing is highlighted in gray, that means anyone in need is eligible to utilize one or more of their programs (26 organizations, or 45.6% accept clients from across the NRV.)

Product types

The types of items that each program offers varies and may change depending on their current supplies. The directory lists what a program typically offers and the below list shares examples of what each product type may include. Some programs offer items in addition to food, like infant care items, personal care items, and pet food. In the directory, a plus sign is used to indicate the non-food items.

Program information

There are several different types of food programs listed in the directory, from choice pantries where clients have the opportunity to shop and choose the foods they would like to hot meals programs. Other types of programs include backpack programs for children, community fridges, community gardens, mini-pantries, and meal deliveries.

Further Resources in the Directory

  • Pet Food: Several organizations listed in this directory offer pet food, typically for dogs and cats. This is indicated in each applicable entry using this icon: šŸ¾.
  • Mini-Pantry Online Resource ( Mini-pantries, also known as ā€œlittle free pantriesā€, are typically a small, outdoor structures that can be accessed 24/7 where recipients take what they need. They are stocked with shelf-stable foods and sometimes things like personal care items. Data on these resources is listed on the website at On this site, you can search for mini-pantries by entering in address information or simply a ZIP code. The site will share information on pantries near that area, along with details on what kind of items are offered. New mini-pantries are being added to this website all the time.
  • HopeHub Mobile App: Offered by NRV Community Services, the HopeHub mobile app connects New River Valley residents with local resources in one easy-to-use app. HopeHub is available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad.) This app is 100% free to download and use, contains no ads, and will never collect any of your personal data. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the app, email Download the app at

View the NRV Food Assistance Directory at this link. Have a program you want to add to the directory? Reach out to us at!

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