Fund for the NRV Initiatives

Fund for the NRV Initiatives

The Fund for the NRV provides support for both immediate and long-term initiatives that CONNECT individuals and organizations working toward common goals, INSPIRE innovative solutions that address the root causes of our community’s most pressing needs, and EMPOWER nonprofit organizations to become leaders in overcoming community challenges of all kinds. We are currently focused on the following Fund for the NRV Initiatives:

Aging in Community

This initiative draws together residents, service providers, government officials and developers to encourage lifespan friendly homes, neighborhoods, and services.

First Steps

This initiative aims to better understand and support early childhood education and development efforts in order to improve the physical, emotional, and social well-being of NRV children and families.

Thrive/Food Access Network

This initiative aims to enhance access to food and recreation, expand the availability of local foods, and encourage a culture of health in the NRV.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiatives

Philanthropic organizations, like our Community Foundation, have both the privilege and the responsibility to build the capacity of the organizations we fund. To be good stewards of the funds we manage, and of our community, we must invest in the passionate individuals who give their time and energy to charitable organizations. We are currently focusing our time and energy on developing the following non-profit capacity building initiatives:


GiveLocalNRV is both an annual giving day and a year-round website designed to encourage charitable giving in our community.

Nonprofit Leadership Institute

This initiative aims to offer a comprehensive curriculum and forums for information sharing that build the skills and capacity of nonprofit leaders.

Third Thursday Society

The Third Thursday Society is a monthly networking and educational opportunity for nonprofit staff and board members sponsored by CFNRV.


A core aspect of the Community Foundation’s mission is to nurture collaboration and act as a catalyst for community and leadership development. To that end, we are pleased to be a partner in several regional projects benefitting the New River Valley including:


NRV Data Dashboard

The Livability Data Dashboard is an interactive data tool that can be used for community decision-making, grant proposals, program design and evaluation, and general data gathering. This Data Dashboard will also be used to track our progress at meeting Livability goals.

Livability Exchange

NRV Livability Initiative

The NRV Livability Initiative was a 3-year regional planning effort to help citizens build a collective vision for our future in areas such as housing, transportation, economic development, land use, energy, cultural heritage and more. CFNRV is working with community partners to support plan implementation.

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