Information for Donor Advisors

Donors with donor-advised funds at the CFNRV may recommend grants through the annual Responsive Grant Program, a competitive application process. In response to COVID 19, we  have modified the 2020 Responsive Grant Program. Please read the information below to learn about these changes and how you can participate as a donor advisor.

2020 Changes and Their Impact on Donor Advisors

Donor advisors will be able to recommend specific grants from their funds as in past years with two key changes:

  • We are only awarding unrestricted operating grants in 2020. Organizations did not submit applications for specific projects this year.
  • Instead of the printed Grant Book, donors will read about organizations and make recommendations via the online grants catalog connected to the Donor Portal. The catalog includes summaries of each application. You may still request to see a .pdf of any full application by contacting the CFNRV staff at

The Donor Portal and Grants Catalog

The Donor Portal gives you the ability to check the balance of a fund and to see recent contributions and grants. The system also allows donor advisors to make grant recommendations using the Grant Catalog tab.

  • Donors with Access to the Donor Portal: Login with your username and password and click on the Grant Catalog tab to review requests and make recommendations. See the resources below for detailed instructions and upcoming webinars. Visit the Donor Portal page should you have questions about logging in.
  • Donors who do not yet have Access to the Donor Portal: To sign up for the portal complete the Donor Opt-In Form and Instructions and User Guidelines and return them to the CFNRV via email at or by mail to PO Box 6009, Christiansburg, VA 24068-2009. Staff will create your account and you will receive additional login instructions via email.

We believe using the online grants catalog gives donor advisors maximum control to review and recommend grants, but we understand it is not for everyone. Please see see this Intent to Grant Form to review and share your options for making grants in 2020.

Resources for Making Grants in 2020

Making Grants Outside of the Responsive Grant Program

Donor advisors may choose to award grants to specific, qualified charitable organizations at any time during the year using a Nonbinding Request Form. Simply complete the form and submit it to the CFNRV. Staff will complete due diligence to ensure the organization is eligible for funding and cut a check. To ensure your grant is awarded in 2020, please submit your form to the CFNRV by November 30th by emailing it to or mailing to PO Box 6009, Christiansburg, VA 24068-2009.