Information for Community Members

The Grant Catalog is now OPEN until October 29th. 

For the first time in its twenty-five-year history, the CFNRV is opening its grant process to the public, allowing community members to join the CFNRV’s existing donors in supporting these worthy organizations through a new online Grant Catalog. The Responsive Grant Program makes a positive impact in the region by responding to ongoing or emergent community needs as recognized by the area nonprofits serving those needs directly. Any registered 501c(3) organization or unit of government, such as a school or library, operating in the NRV was eligible to apply.

The Grant Catalog

  • Why the Change? With the COVID-19 pandemic, the CFNRV recognized that NRV organizations face significant challenges and need flexibility to meet their most pressing needs. Building on the success of the CFNRV’s COVID-19 Response Grants awarded earlier this year, the foundation has tailored the 2021 Responsive Grant Program to offer general operating support grants of up to $4,000. The funds can be used at the grantee’s discretion to meet immediate needs. Organizations from across the region working on issues such as poverty alleviation, education, environmental conservation, child and family support, animal welfare, arts and culture, and more applied for support.
  • How you can help: With the new online Grant Catalog, the CFNRV is giving more people the opportunity to take part in the grant program and to support worthy nonprofits. The CFNRV traditionally awards grants from the dozens of endowed funds under its umbrella, working closely with fund holders to review and support applications that meet their specific interests. Unfortunately, these endowed funds are not enough to fund all the applicants that are worthy of support, and the need is particularly great this year as organizations are seeing increased demand for services during COVID-19. This is where the community can step in to make a difference by donating towards these grants, for the first time ever!

Community members can visit the online Grant Catalog to learn about each applicant organization, see how much money was requested, and how much has been granted to date from the CFNRV’s endowed funds. Then, they can make a secure, online gift to support their applications of choice. A team of CFNRV volunteers has reviewed each application to ensure that the organizations in the Grant Catalog are well-managed and worthy of financial support.

Resources for Donating towards a Grant in 2021