Responsive Grant Program

The Responsive Grant Program at the CFNRV addresses ongoing or emergent community needs as recognized by the area nonprofits serving those needs directly. The CFNRV realizes that the COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for NRV organizations, and that flexibility is essential to meeting organizational needs at this time. As such, the 2020 Responsive Grant Program will only offer general operating support grants of up to $4,000 to be used at the grantee’s discretion.

Any registered 501c(3) organization or unit of government serving the NRV in one of our eight areas of interest is eligible to apply for a responsive grant. Click here, to see past responsive grant recipients.

Additional details about the 2020 program, including modifications to the type of support offered, the review process, and the timeline for payment are below. Please read these carefully before beginning your application.

Overview and Eligibility

The CFNRV is only accepting grants for operational support this year. Organizations need not apply for a specific project or program and may use the funds at their discretion to best meet the organization’s immediate needs.

  • What can the funds be used for?  Any purpose within the organization at the grantee’s discretion.
  • What is the maximum grant award?  $4,000
  • When is the deadline? Monday, July 27, 2020 at 5pm
  • Who is eligible? Registered 501c3 organizations serving the New River Valley (defined as the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski, and the City of Radford) are eligible for this program, along with units of local government such as a library or school.  Additional eligibility details can be found in the 2020 Responsive Grant Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.

Review Process and Payment Timeline

Applications are reviewed by the CFNRV Distribution Committee, comprised of board members and community volunteers. We have made changes to the review and funding process to better meet the needs of both our applicants and our grant funders. They include:

  • Use of an online grant catalog: After applications are initially vetted by the CFNRV, applicants will be asked to complete a brief form to be included in the online grant catalog. Donor-advised fund holders at the CFNRV will be able to recommend recipients directly in this system. In addition, the grant catalog will be made public so community members can contribute funds to applications in the catalog. Additional details about the catalog will be available in August.
  • Accelerated payment timeline: Applicants will not need to wait until the entire review process ends to receive funding. The CFNRV makes these grants from multiple funding sources beginning in early September and running through November. Once an application is fully funded, we will move it forward for payment with checks cut at least once per month beginning in September.

Important Dates for 2020

Online Application Opens: Monday, June 15, 2020
Application Deadline: Monday, July 27 at 5pm
Recipients Announced and Grants Issued: Throughout the review process running from early September to mid-November.

Questions and Resources

The resources below will assist you in completing your online application. If you need further help after consulting these resources, please don’t hesitate to contact CFNRV.

2019 Post-grant evaluations

2019 responsive grant recipients are encouraged, but not required, to complete a post-grant evaluation form. We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic may have altered or delayed your projects, but we would still like to hear about your project successes and challenges. However, you will not be eliminated from consideration for a 2020 grant if you fail to complete the 2019 post-grant evaluation.

Click here to access your post grant evaluation form. You will need to use the same username and password you used to apply for the grant.  You will see the evaluation form associated with your grant application once you login in on your applicant dashboard. Just click ‘edit’ on the right hand side to begin completing the form.

How to Apply

Make sure that you have read through ALL of the above documents.  Please go to the Grant Guidelines and FAQs first when you have questions. When you are ready to apply, click the “Apply Now” button below. All grant applications and post-grant evaluation forms must now be submitted through the online grants management system, available through this link.

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