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Community Impact Grant Program


Community Impact Grant Program

The NRV TimeBank was the recipient of the 2016 Norman and Nancy Eiss Community Impact Grant

UPDATE for 2017: The CFNRV will not accept applications or award new Community Impact Grants in 2017. With changes to the Responsive Grant Program, the Board of Directors will use this year to modify the Community Impact Grant's focus, award structure, and requirements to better meet its goals. Past Community Impact Grantees should continue to submit annual evaluations as instructed, and the scheduled funding increments for the 2015 and 2016 recipients will proceed as planned.


The Community Impact Grant Program gives priority to programs that clearly meet all four of the criteria below. Projects that address one or more of these areas remain eligible to apply.

Ability to strengthen community: The proposed program makes the organization and/or community stronger by helping it address current or future needs.

Impact: The proposed program will continue to affect the community after the CFNRV’s funding has been exhausted. This is because the program is designed to have long-term impact and/or because there are realistic plans to acquire future funding.

Collaboration: The proposed program makes the best possible use of existing community resources by 1.) Demonstrating awareness of the context of the proposed work within the larger NRV service community, and 2.) Taking full advantage of any opportunities to work together or share knowledge and resources with other organizations to increase the positive impact of this program or others.

Innovation:  The proposed program will make a significant improvement to the effectiveness of the organization or program, either through enhancing current services or through the creation of a new project or program.

The CFNRV’s Community Impact Grant Program (CIGP) funds efforts that help to either launch a new program or to substantially improve an existing program. Providing operating funds to sustain existing organizations or programs is not the intention of the Community Impact Program.

 Community Impact Grant recipients will be awarded:

  • $10,000 over a period of three years
  • Up to 10 hours of in-kind services per year provided by CFNRV Fellows, local professionals with expertise in areas such as:
  • • Strategic Planning/Facilitation Services
    • Leadership Development
    • Grant-writing
    • Program development and evaluation
    • Leveraging available CFNRV professional connections for other support services, such as printing, marketing, etc…

The Community Impact Grant Program (CIGP) is funded with donations to the Andy & Susan Morikawa Capacity Building Fund. In 2015 we are pleased to offer two grants with the generous support of Norman and Nancy Eiss and The American Electric Power Foundation.

Resources for Applicants