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Board Directed Grantmaking

3/23/2015 : More information on Board Directed Grantmaking at the CFNRV will be available soon. We are very excited about this emerging program and will provide more details as soon as they become available.

Board Directed Grantmaking Program

An emerging program at the CFNRV, Board Directed Grantmaking is a strategic iniative which annually sets target issue areas deemed by our board to be of great importance to our community at that time. Selecting issue areas for a given year depends not only on community need, but also on CFNRV's capacity to make an impact in that area given the current conditions and available resources. Once issue areas are set, CFNRV commits staff time, in-kind suport, and grant resources to support the building and maintaining of coalitions around those issue areas. The philosophy of the board directed grantmaking model is that while not every approach to community impact must be collaborative, in the face of scarce resources and great need, the NRV's best chance at impact is to explore every possible opportunity to share information, strategies, and resources. With that philosophy in mind, the CFNRV supports not only any projects or programs that may emerge from collaboration, but the collaboration itself as well by providing staff support, convening and research, and the monetary resources it takes to free up organizational time for collaboration. The ultimate goal is to drive unprecedented positive impact in the NRV by uniting, inspiring, and empowering issue-area-based coalitions to create innovative, networked, shared solutions to ongoing community challenges.

As this effort is in the opening stages, exact information on amount of funding available, eligiblity criteria, application instructions and other information on our processes is not yet available. We are very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to bringing you more information as it becomes available. When the program is formally launched, applications will also be handled through our online grants management system. Click the 'Apply Now' button below or on any of our grants program pages to reach the online grants management portal.