Our Grantmaking

The Community Foundation of the New River Valley awards grants through both our annual Responsive Grant Program and through specialized grant programs designed to meet the unique needs of the New River Valley. The grant programs described below have specific application requirements, eligibility criteria, and available funding levels.  All grant programs, however, are managed through our Online Grants Portal system.

Learn more about each grant program below and please take the time to visit each grant programs individual page to learn more about how to apply. 

COVID-19 Response Grants

Our COVID-19 Response Grant Program provides unrestricted funding to organizations as our region navigates the coronavirus pandemic. We recognize that many community organizations are seeing an increased demand for services, having to make significant changes to how they deliver programs, and simply struggling with how to sustain operations over the next months. In response, we are directing a significant portion of the grant funding available from our endowed funds in 2020 to this program, and we are working with our donors to grow the funds available. Organizations may request up to $2,000 through a very simple online application, and they may use the funding to best meet their needs at this time. We will award grants approximately monthly beginning in April 2020 and extending through at least June. Learn more about our COVID-19 Response Grant Program here.

Responsive Grantmaking

Our Responsive Grantmaking acknowledges that those non-profits working directly with our community have their fingers on the pulse of community need, and the CFNRV is committed to supporting those non-profits for whatever emergent or ongoing challenges they encounter. This program awards grants within eight areas of interest. Responsive grants are awarded once a year. The online application will open in late May with a deadline in late July. Funds are awarded in November. Grants are available for both programmatic (up to $5,000 ) and operating support (up to $3,000).  Learn more about our Responsive Grant program here.

Nonprofit Accelerator

This is a non-traditional capacity-building program for agencies serving the New River Valley. The accelerator is meant for non-profit organizations interested in expanding capacity, scaling up, increasing their sustainability, testing a nonprofit program idea, re-examining a long-standing program, and/or transforming a program model. This accelerator experience includes a four-month program designed to advance the growth and impact of participating organizations through consulting, mentoring, and peer learning. This accelerator will provide the time, expertise and space necessary to reflect, change and act. This experience will be offered to 6-8 organizations annually. Learn more about the Nonprofit Accelerator opportunity here.

Donor Advisor Forms

Are you a donor wanting to request that a grant(s) be made from your fund, outside of the competitive grants process to eligible nonprofit organization(s)? Please complete and submit this Nonbinding Request Form to cfnrv@cfnrv.org. To ensure grants are awarded within the calendar year, submit the form by December 1st of each calendar year.