Connecting You to Your Community

Donor Relations

Your Partner in Giving

The Community Foundation of the New River Valley's staff and board not only works closely with you to establish your fund, but also provides regular opportunities to actively engage you in the foundation's activities and inform you of your fund's performance. Effective communication with you as a donor is critical to ensuring that your charitable interests are met while also providing you with insight on current and evolving community needs relevant to your fund's purpose. 

Donor Relations

Founding board member Ruth Horton believed that donors should have a way to support their local community now and for years to come. That core belief is the basis of our community foundation.

Donor services provided include:

  • Regular reports on contributions to your fund, grant and scholarship distributions, investment performance and fees.
  • Access to staff at anytime via phone or email to discuss your fund and/or in person meetings or group presentations as desired
  • Opportunities to actively engage in the grant-making process both within and outside of the competitive grant process
  • Donor workshops and focus groups to gather feedback on how we can serve you better
  • Opportunities to meet the individuals and organizations benefitting from your fund at Community Foundation events, workshops and site visits

For more information on donor services, contact 540-381-8999 or email