First Steps Working Groups

Sharing Resources and Information

The network pursues its priorities through a series of work groups that form and evolve over time. The groups meet monthly to discuss project ideas and share resources, and members of all the work groups convene several times per year to share activities and updates with the broader network’s membership. Our current work groups are:

Info Hub: This group focuses on sharing information and resources with network members. It plans and hosts the popular “Meet Yourself” sessions that bring together service providers of all kinds to talk about their programs and find opportunities to collaborate. The Info Hub Work Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:30am.

Common Voice/Workforce: This work group focuses on advocacy for early childhood education and development broadly, and for the professionals who work with young children and families every day. It develops messages and materials about the importance of high-quality childcare as well as social service and healthcare providers, and honors these individuals with the Early Childhood Champion Awards each year. This work group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1pm.

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Meet Yourself Sessions

After studying a variety of strategies for sharing information among and between agencies, the Info Hub Working Group resolved to create opportunities where service providers could meet face to face and build the trust so essential to community work. Held throughout the region, Meet Yourself sessions feature short “lightning round” talks from organizational leaders followed by table conversation and networking. Lightning round speakers have addressed topics like kindergarten readiness, enrichment activities, trauma-informed care, nutrition, special education, and healthcare.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Meet Yourself Sessions have been held virtually and focused on topics like virtual learning and mental health for both children and their caregivers. Recordings of these sessions can be found on the First Steps Resources Page.

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