First Steps Facebook Live Session Discusses Children Who Need a Little Extra

During this February 23 Facebook Live event hosted by our First Steps Network, our panel discussed what it takes to support children who need ‘a little more’ to be successful. First Steps is the NRV’s Early Childhood Education and Development Network, one of CFNRV’s initiatives.

Jessica Wirgau, CFNRV’s Chief Executive Officer, and Kim Thomason, the program manager of Virginia Tech’s Early Childhood Education Initiatives, hosted the event. Joined by two panelists from Virginia Tech’s Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC), this event is the first of three sessions.

“This partnership came from hearing from early childcare educators asking for more strategies and resources to support children’s development and learning more holistically in the classroom, ” said Kim Thomason.

Panelists Kathleen Wright and Margo Vaughan, who are both coordinators of Early Childhood Special Education Services at T/TAC shared the importance of foundational practices supporting all children and teaching skills to educators so they are prepared to proved the needed support.

They discussed how to design and implement intentional opportunities to facilitate things like the developmental of friendship and relationship skills, increased engagement in routines, and understanding and regulation of emotions. We hope you enjoy this session and mark your calendars for our upcoming sessions, which will also be held on Facebook Live:

  • Communication and Self-Regulation
    Tuesday March 21, 10:30 – 11:30 am
    How do communication and regulation support learning and engagement? Come join the conversation as we dig into the importance of reciprocal communication – YOUR communication skills and those of the children in your care. View the Facebook event here.
  • Big Behaviors
    Tuesday, April 25, 10 – 11am
    Despite our best efforts, some children may engage in big behaviors that impact the learning environment. View the Facebook event here.
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