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This event provides an opportunity to come together, share and learn about exciting work underway across the region that supports the goals and priorities of the Livability Initiative and to identify potential partnerships and collaborations.

The Agenda
Given last year’s enthusiastic response, we will again have a lightning round of speakers, who will each provide a quick sketch of their recent and innovative efforts to:

  • Provide strategies for aging in place
  • Address the need for affordable housing
  • Improve childhood literacy
  • Grow our creative economy
  • Expand programs for small businesses
  • Revitalize downtowns across the NRV
  • Integrate the arts into community development
  • Expand the skills of our region’s workforce
  • Relieve hunger and improve food access
  • Establish a volunteer water quality monitoring program
  • And more….

The event will conclude with ‘conversation and snacks’ so that you can network with others.

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