Connecting You to Your Community

Board of Directors

Honored to Serve the New River Valley

  • Terri Fisher Terri Fisher
  • Courtney Grohs Courtney Grohs
  • Ed Lawhorn Ed Lawhorn
    Vice President
  • Doug Thompson Doug Thompson

  • Barbara Michelsen Barbara Michelsen
  • Ginny Gardner Ginny Gardner
  • Nancy Eiss Nancy Eiss
  • Carlotta Lewis Carlotta Lewis
  • Andrew Warren Andrew Warren
  • Pat Huber Pat Huber
  • John Muffo John Muffo
  • Gary Hancock Gary Hancock
  • Peter Weimerskirch Peter Weimerskirch
  • Eric Bucey Eric Bucey
  • Paula Alston Paula Alston
  • Trish Muldoon Trish Muldoon
  • Chad Reed Chad Reed
  • Katherine Hawkins Katherine Hawkins
  • Pat Hyer Pat Hyer
  • Karin Grosshans Karin Grosshans
  • Eric Chapman Eric Chapman
  • Brad Denardo Brad Denardo